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How rich do you want to be ?

So how rich do you want to be? I don't think there is a child or teenager that has not asked this question between friends and to themselves. Just how rich is rich enough. At this age it is all fantasy and money can be printed at the same rate as the Federal Reserve Bank, may be slightly slower. A castle at the beach, lake, for your mother and separate one when your dad is watching football. You have a house for you and your best friend, and oh yes, your boyfriend too, sort of. Then we get a job. Fresh out of school or college or university, totally wet behind the ears, you are in a state of pure green organics. Anyone, even the tea lady can mold you into whatever shape they want. So as you work your but off Friday evenings and have emergency meetings on Sundays, doubt drives past your small apartment. Just for who are you missing out on all the weekend fun. And if it sets in deep enough, you get a new job. New energy sets in just to be replaced by the old energy. WTF!? Disillusionment sets in and three types of people set forth:
  • The ones that continue with corporate but licking, giving up your life for the good of the company as a whole
  • Those that quit and start a new life running their own business
  • Those that quit and are forgotten...
So who will be the richest. On average, the first two types.  Oh they are going to be rich; they'll have Ferrari's, beach houses, maybe a yacht, a trout farm, flat screen TV in the toilet.... you get it, they have it all.  Anything money can buy. They are seriously rich. Ok, there are some sacrifices, such as seriously big mortgages, overdrafts, and the long absences from your family. There are some gaps in your memory about your family, but at least they are filled with the pleasures of abundant monetary riches. It really is so good to be paid so well for the actual things that really matter, is it not? You are rewarded, beyond belief, for the gaps in family memory. This is a time for barely bearable heaviness of being. Being rich has a price. Cliche, you think. It has. The price is YOUR time. Not your time in minutes, but your time in memories that are important. Ah, you'll have awesome holidays in places that even Jacque Cousteau  has not visited. Does 14 days out of every 365 make up for not seeing how your kids grow up? And what about the hobbies you started. With the newfound credit and monetary freedom, you invest in the best of the best a hobbyist can buy. By the time you get to grip with your version of Photoshop you realize that there are four newer versions, not even to talk about that old crappy camera you have.  Remember the days when you could talk all night about anything, not arguing, but debating with contrasting ideas pouring out like a symphony. And now, the odd debate converts quickly to a discontented argument much like your early morning trips to work with other cars. Enough said I think, and if you don't get it, don't read on. Don't be fooled by the cosy team talk by managers and directors. They've got you by the balls and your free time is theirs.
The richest in the world chase their passions, not riches. The poorest in the world chase riches, not their passions.Antonius Lecuona
What about those that are forgotten, where are they and what are they doing ffs. We'll, I heard they have the latest Photoshop and digicam, they have no need for LinkedIn or Facebook and are currently attending a school sports event with the whole family. Oh yes, their lawn is crappy, not as perfect as yours, but they don't give a shit, because they consider their life priceless. It is strange that you say you never see them, it's because you are never around. Enjoy your money :)  


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