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Is social media effective in promoting your website?

Companies and people build websites for different reasons, but the main objective is marketing. You either market your brand or products and services. Very few websites are there for just information and if they are income is usually generated from AdSense and similar products.  
I think the most important question any business should ask is if social media will benefit their marketing strategy and increase sales (or increase traffic).
The answer is not that simple actually.  Sometimes it will work and provide excellent ROI and there are cases where social media is just a waste of time.
If your business is based on retail, then social media is more likely to succeed than if it is based on B2B (business to business).  The simple fact is that most products that people buy are not sociable products.  By that I mean people don't share which washing powder they bought with each other, but they will share the fact that they bought the latest cell phone or tablet.  Note that I am not talkin…